Cycling Mikey – The Cyclist Making London Safer

Cycling Mikey, also known as Mike van Erp, is a dedicated YouTuber based in London whose mission is to document and report drivers engaging in unsafe practices on the road. 

Cycling Mikey - The Road Safety Crusader

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Mike van Erp embarked on a new chapter in his life when he moved to the UK in 1998 to pursue a career in IT. Today, he is a seasoned professional carer, demonstrating compassion not only in his profession but also in his efforts to enhance road safety.

The tragic loss of his father in a road accident caused by a drunk driver in 2011 was a turning point for van Erp. Driven by a deep desire to prevent others from experiencing similar heartbreak, he began his crusade to make the roads safer for everyone.

Mike van Erp’s modus operandi involves filming drivers in London who flout traffic rules, particularly those using their mobile phones while driving. He diligently compiles the footage, reporting these incidents to the authorities, and shares them on his YouTube channel. Through this initiative, he seeks to deter reckless driving behavior and create a safer road environment.

I ride around with a GoPro in London and I film drivers behaving badly. If we film and report these drivers, we can make a difference.

A Determined Advocate

With millions of views on his videos, Cycling Mikey’s message has transcended borders. His endeavors have garnered attention from media outlets around the world, drawing acclaim for his unwavering commitment to road safety.

Mike van Erp’s tireless work has not gone unnoticed. In 2016, he was honored with the prestigious Road Safety Campaigner of the Year award, a testament to the profound impact he has had on raising awareness about road safety.

While Van Erp’s approach has undeniably contributed to improved road safety awareness, it has not been without controversy. Some have raised concerns about his confrontational style and the potential to incite aggression from drivers.

Despite the criticism, Van Erp remains resolute in his mission. He persists in documenting and sharing footage on his YouTube channel, driven by an unyielding commitment to effect lasting change in road safety.

Cycling Mikey’s unwavering dedication to road safety exemplifies the power of individual initiative in effecting positive change. Through his vigilance and determination, he stands as a beacon of hope for safer roads, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of road safety advocacy.

Cycling Mikey's YouTube Channel

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