Mudguards or no mudguards! That’s the question

A quite simple and the only purpose of the mudguards or fenders is to catch and redirect road spray thrown up by the tyres, thus helping the rider to remain clean. But is that true? It’s time to put the mudguards to test.

I stumbled upon a GCN video on benefits of mudguards(fenders) and I recalled a set of mudguards lying around at home which I have not used for quite some time.

BTWIN Mudguards from Decathlon
BTWIN Mudguards from Decathlon

Since the beginning of this monsoon I have been riding a lot in the rain (and loving it 😉). But the fact remains that this whole fun-filled event finally ends with mucky bike and equally mucky me! Right from the shoes, cycling shorts, back of the raincoat and all the way up to the back of the helmet gets painted with mud and grease. The cleaning business takes quite a bit of time. You cannot leave your gear uncleaned to deal with later. Quite sure most of these stains will never go away. Specially if your cycling clothing is of brighter colours. The typical fluorescent green/yellow rain jacket is the most vulnerable one.

Simple pleasures of riding in the rain
Simple pleasures of riding in the rain (with no mudguards)

So I decided to clip on my mudguards back on my bike today. It’s super easy to clip them on and off. I wanted to see how much difference would it make with these mudguards on. Will I have a super clean rain jacket by end of the rainy ride! 

The weather was all in favor of this experiment. It rained heavily throughout my 20 km commute.


State of the bike after a rainy ride

My shoes were not as bad as they usually get with no mudguards. So I guess the front fenders kinda did their job.

The mucky bike saddle after the rainy ride with mudguards on
The saddle displays the actual condition post rainy ride. I was unable to click pics of my own backside 😉 to show the state of my cycling shorts
The mucky BTWIN rain jacket after the bike ride
The fluorescent green/yellow rain jacket after the mucky ride

My shorts, rain jacket and the back of the helmet was as mucky as it gets without mudguards. This was a huge disappointment.

I am not sure if it is due to this particular set of mudguards maybe there are better options!

Anyway. The mudguards are off once again. I am happy to deal with the mud and the cleaning business until I find a better option. 🚴‍♂️⛈️

Here is the GCN Video that inspired to test my mudguards...

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